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Rats 'Natural Mix' Seed Mix

Rats 'Natural Mix' Seed Mix

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Our delicious 'Natural Mix' seed mix for Rats is an an exciting, versatile and varied feed mixture that is completely natural. Rats are often fed just blocks which may be very boring. Spice up your smart babies diets with our premium seed mix!

Composition: 82% seeds,14% vegetables and 4% herbs, leaves and flowers.

Feeding recommendations: 2 to 3 tablespoons daily

Ingredients: Buckwheat, barley, wheat, oats, paddy rice, rolled oats, spelt, beetroot, yellow corn, dari, pea flakes, corn flakes, milo, parsnip, barley flakes, safflower, red corn, diced apples, diced carrots, diced pumpkin, tomatoes, broad bean flakes, spelled flakes , pumpkin seeds, milk thistle seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat flakes, einkorn, emmer, unripe spelt, hemp seeds, rose blossoms, green oats, leaves*, dill stalks, celery stalks, lucerne herb.

Please supplement your hamster's diet with some protein such as dried insects, tofu, etc.

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