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Syrian Hamster 'Premium Golden' Seed Mix

Syrian Hamster 'Premium Golden' Seed Mix

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Our delicious 'Premium Golden' seed mix is the perfect all-rounder for any golden or teddy hamster. With 45 different ingredients, we offer a colorful mix of grains with lots tasty legumes and seeds as well! There's sure to be something good in this diverse selection that will meet your pets' needs.

Composition: 83.5% seeds , 13% vegetables and 3.5% herbs, leaves and flowers.

Feeding recommendations: 1 to 2 tablespoons daily

Ingredients: Barley, wheat, buckwheat, paddy rice, safflower, oats, chickpeas, rye, maple peas, red corn, spelt, green lentils, red lentils, yellow corn, sunflower seeds, Pea Flakes, Pumpkin Seeds, Milo, Dari, Cucumber Slices, Barley Flakes, Oat Flakes, Leaves*, Dill Stalks, Spelled Flakes, Puffed Barley, Celery Stalks, Sunflower Leaves, & more

Please supplement your hamster's diet with some protein such as dried insects, tofu, etc.

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